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Spreading one great smile from one to another. Let our patients share with you their amazing smiles with us!

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Kimberly G..jpg

Kimberly G.

Orange, CA

After years of not going to the dentist, I found this dentist in Orange, close to my house, so that's why i went. It was a nice, small facility. After a few visits I became friends with the employees and they were all so nice, and funny. They actually made the whole dentist experience fun.


Then after a few years they tell me they're moving to an Anaheim location and that made me sad but I decided to follow them all the way to their Anaheim facility, parking can be a hassle, the facility itself looks nicer and more spacious though. I'm not disappointed that I followed them because I actually enjoy my dentist appointments now and its all because of the amazing employees!

Carina G..jpg

Carina G.

Warren, OR

After years of searching for a great dentist we contacted MB dentistry on a Saturday and they were able to see my husband on an emergency basis, that won us over.  I've visited them twice since May and have they been nothing but awesome.  


They are patient, soothing if your nervous, and I love that they explain everything to me before they start working on me.  I know the dentist is not an appointment most people care to have but you won't regret seeing this doctor or nurses if you choose to.

ely r.jpg

Ely R.

Garden Grove, CA

I have been with MB Dentistry for the past 10 years and never switch to any other dental clinic. They have good customer service and are professional. My dentist and it's staff are very knowledgeable, friendly, and accommodating. The place is clean, cozy, and well-organized.

Pile of Oranges

Eduardo G.

Anaheim, CA

Great staff! Dr. was very gentle and informative throughout the procedure. Highly recommend this office.

Nature Photographer

Nathan Pizzo


When you're visiting Disneyland and not from the area you really don't think much about what to do if you have a dental emergency (unbearable nerve/ tooth pain) but that is exactly what happened to us today. I called Maria's office (MB Dentistry) and they were not in yet, but provided a TEXT/emergency phone number conveniently from their normal phone message system. I texted them at 7:30 am and by 8am I had them in conversation with me. I was lucky... the tooth pain subsided quickly after my wife took the Ibuprofen, but it's nice to know they were close, engaged, and willing to take her VERY quickly on a moments notice. It really appreciate that kind of service and I am sure you will too. I could tell they really cared about our situation. I HIGHLY recommend them to anyone!! An excellent choice if you are in unfortunate situation and end up with a tooth that gives you big time pain. I know they will be able to help you.

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